BA Laboratory performs mechanical, electric, acoustic, electromagnetic compatibility and physical specification tests of elements of fire signalling systems, fire alarm sounders, heat and smoke control systems and luminaires for emergency lighting.

Tests are performed pursuant to the requirements of Standards (EN 54, EN 12101, EN 60598-2-22), Technical Approvals and in the Regulation of Ministry of Interior and Administration of June 20, 2007 (Journal of Laws 2007, no. 143, item 1002; Journal of Laws 2010, no. 85, item 553) setting out a list of products which promote public safety or protect health, welfare and property, and rules for the issuing of authorisations for use of such products. 

BA Laboratory performs research programmes funded by The National Centre for Research and Development
The personnel of BA Laboratory participate in projects of standardisation committees by taking part in developing and translating of standards.

Product testing

BA Laboratory performs tests of the following products:

  • Fire signalling systems
  • Fire alarm sounders
  • Power supply equipment
  • Point heat sensors
  • Point heat detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionisation 
  • Point type flame detectors
  • Manual call points
  • Smoke detectors. Line detectors using an optical light beam
  • Central units of acoustic signalling systems
  • Short circuit isolators
  • Input/output devices
  • Aspirating smoke detectors
  • Alarm transmission and fault warning routing equipment
  • Luminaires for emergency lighting
  • Fire alarm devices. Visual alarms
  • Voice alarms - Loudspeakers
  • Smoke alarm devices
  • Extinguishing panels
  • Certified Control Panel Equipment
  • Access Control Systems
  • Electromechanical operating devices (linear and rotary actuators)
  • Manual triggering and stop devices
  • Manual de-smoking pushbuttons
  • Magnet door retainers
  • Wind-shields

Opinions and expert analyses

BA Laboratory performs expert analyses and issues opinions on:

  • Correctness of technical projects development and installations relating to fire signalling systems, fire alarm sounders and heat and smoke control systems,
  • Analyses and control of buildings with regard to fire safety, especially electronic protective systems,
  • Computer simulations of room acoustics,
  • Measuring speech intelligibility, reverberation time, sound level, correctness of selection and distribution of fire detectors in the object on the basis of the tests performed in the building,
  • Issuing opinions on standards and cooperation in standardisation works related to fire protection.