Technical Opinion is a voluntary document confirming suitability of a product for use in fire protection, in which may be included information about technical specification and performance of the product that is not subject to obligatory assessment or about specifications exceeding the basic requirements level.

Technical Opinion is issued for the period of 3 years and may be renewed for another 2 years.

CNBOP-PIB Technical Opinion is an important complement to the issued Technical Approvals, Certificates of Conformity and Declarations of Admittance for construction products used for fire protection and other products used in fire protection.

Granting the CNBOP-PIB Technical Opinion enables the applicant to mark its product and all documentation related to the product with the CNBOP-PIB TECHNICAL OPINION mark.

CNBOP-PIB Technical Opinions are issued for the products and kits of:

  • Systems of fire signalling, audible alarm systems, smoke and heat control systems, cables and wires used in fire-extinguishing equipment, cable systems, fixed fire extinguishing devices – with reference to their declared technical performance and functionality (not being part of standards, technical approvals, technical assessments or exceeding the level of requirements defined in these technical specifications);
  • Rescue and fire extinguishing equipment – for the products that are not subject of obligatory assessment pursuant to the domestic and European law provisions (certifications, admittance)