Centrum Naukowo-Badawcze Ochrony Przeciwpożarowej – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy (Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection – National Research Institute – CNBOP-PIB), Notified Body 1438, ensures impartiality, objectivity and confidentiality in the conducted conformity assessment processes and in other activities.

CNBOP-PIB, its Top Management and employees declare and undertake that:

  1. they act impartially and independently as a third party by applying the same procedures to all clients, 
  2. they are free from any commercial, financial or other pressures which might affect their impartiality,
  3. they identify any threats to impartiality and conflicts of interest and take appropriate action to eliminate or minimize the threats,
  4. they take immediate action in response to any threats to impartiality,
  5. no part of the same legal entity, top management and employees are: designers, manufacturers/developers, suppliers/distributors, installers, purchasers, owners, users or maintainers or holders of products being within the scope of accreditation of CNBOP-PIB departments, nor authorized representatives of any of these parties. It does not exclude the use of the assessed products which are needed by CNBOP-PIB to fulfil its tasks or the use of these products for personal purposes,
  6. CNBOP-PIB, its top management and employees responsible for carrying out third party tasks in the processes of assessment and verification of constancy of performance of the products are not directly involved in their design, manufacture or construction, marketing, installation, use or maintenance, nor do they represent the parties involved in those activities. They shall not engage in any activity that may be in conflict with their independence of judgment and integrity in relation to the tasks they perform. This is especially true for consulting services,
  7. they ensure that the activities of the Institute or related separate legal entities do not jeopardize the impartiality of its conformity assessment and other activities,
  8. they do not offer or provide consulting services to their clients and do not present their offering in connection with the providers of consulting service, and do not suggest that conformity assessment would be simpler, easier or less expensive if the services of such service providers were used,
  9. they exclude from the conformity assessment processes the personnel who, in the last two years, have been involved in any way in the activities of the entity that submits the product for conformity assessment,
  10. they do not undertake conformity assessments when impartiality is compromised,
  11. they make decisions, based on evidence obtained through objective evaluation, independent of any pressure groups or stakeholders,
  12. they shall not subcontract other conformity assessment processes, except for laboratory tests which cannot be carried out in CNBOP-PIB,
  13. they ensure that the activities of the subcontractors do not affect the confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality of the Institute’s activities,
  14. they maintain the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of their activities, except as provided by law.

Józefów, 1 June 2022

Director of Centrum Naukowo-Badawcze Ochrony Przeciwpożarowej

Państwowy Instytut Badawczy

st. bryg. Paweł Janik, PhD Eng.