The activity of Laboratory of Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Automation has been started at the end of 1970s of the last century. Back then, Department for Fire Protection (that was the first name of the Laboratory) used to deal with the matters related to fire protection of buildings and technologic devices. During almost 40 years of the history of the laboratory, the scope of competences has been widened, and on October 7, 1998 became accredited laboratory (Accreditation no. AB 207).

The laboratory has been performing its activities on the basis on the provisions of the Quality Manual for many years. Organisational structure, division of responsibilities, systematic and research procedures, processes and resources are based on the implemented quality system, the level of which is verified annually by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.

The Research Services are performed by highly specialised personnel in constantly modernised and retrofitted research infrastructure.

Meeting the technical requirements of continuously developing market, both on the technological and methodological levels, requires constant updating or modification of the used research methods according to the newest versions of standards. The important element of these activities is continuous technical development, the main part of which is implementation of technologically advanced controlling and measuring devices, thus improving the laboratory tests precision.

scope of activities

The very important parts of the laboratory activities, that are necessary to maintain research competences of the department are:

  • Development and implementation of research methodology of the elements of fire signalling systems, audible alarm systems and heat and smoke control systems,
  • Design and construction of new test facilities for researches that are frequently unique and pioneering both domestically and internationally,
  • Participation in organising trainings for designers and fitters of the systems of fire signalling, audible alarms and fire ventilation,
  • Participation in designing drafts of normative acts and active participation in the activities of standardisation committees,
  • Performing advisory and opinion-forming functions in the scope of technical systems of fire protection,
  • Helping to improve the construction of devices.


BA Laboratory cooperates with:

  • National Headquarters of the State Fire Service of Poland,
  • The Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw,
  • The National Institute of Telecommunication – National Research Institute,
  • Polish Committee for Standardisation,
  • Warsaw University of Technology.