Laboratory of Combustion Processes and Explosions (BW) is currently the youngest laboratory of CNBOP-PIB. It was founded in 2011 as an answer to the increasing demand for a laboratory related to combustion processes and explosions.

BW Laboratory performs analyses of fire parameters of construction materials and parameters of explosiveness of chosen flammable substances as well as thermodynamic analyses of combustion and explosion processes and the spread of fire in rooms and buildings.

Laboratory performs individual experimental works (including development and goal-oriented projects) related to the processes of combustion and explosion and prepares documentation of preventing severe industrial accidents (SEVESO).

One of main part of the scope of activity of the Laboratory is issuing opinions and expert analyses on risk of explosion (e.g. ATEX) and assessment and inspection of fire threat in buildings and objects as well as developing guidelines for the increase of fire security level.

The BW team performs risk assessment for industrial objects using professional calculation software like ALOHA and RIZEX.


Laboratory of Combustion Processes and Explosions (BW) cooperates in developing and issuing opinions on standardisation documents, comparative tests or participation in research and development works and projects with such institutions as:

  • Textile Research Institute,
  • Research and Development Centre for Building Insulation in Katowice,
  • The Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute,
  • Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute,
  • Warsaw University of Technology,
  • Łódź University of Technology,
  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences,
  • Wood Technology institute in Poznań,
  • Central Mining Institute in Katowice,
  • CNBOP Certification Department,
  • National Headquarters of the State Fire Service,
  • The Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants,
  • The Main School of Fire Service,
  • Polish Committee for Standardisation,
  • Polish Combustion Institute.