The secretariat of the Technical Committee No. 244 (KT 244) for Rescue and Fire-Fighting Equipment, Media and Devices of the Polish Committee for Standardisation (PKN) operates in CNBOP-PIB. KT 244 was established on 27 October 1994. The Committee currently has 16 members represented by 20 representatives from a wide variety of users.

The range of topics of the standardisation works performed by TK 244 covers:

  • Portable fire-fighting equipment,
  • Extinguishing agents,
  • Fire Service equipment,
  • Fixed fire-fighting systems.

The scope of the international and domestic cooperation covers the following technical committees:

  • ISO/TC 21 Equipment for fire protection and fire fighting,
  • CEN/TC 70 Manual means of fire fighting equipment,
  • CEN/TC 191 Fixed fire-fighting systems,
  • CEN/TC 192 Fire service equipment.

CNBOP-PIB personnel participates in projects performed by various national technical committees:

  • KT 4 for Lighting Technology,
  • KT 6 for Quality Systems,
  • KT 21 for Personal Protective Equipment,
  • KT 27 for Floor Coverings and Burning Behaviour of Textile Products,
  • KT 52 for Alarm Systems,
  • KT 53 for Cables and Wires,
  • KT 55 for Electrical Installation and Lightning Protection of Buildings,

  • KT 69 for Measuring, Control and Laboratory Equipment,
  • KT 104 for Electromagnetic Compatibility,
  • KT 130 for Chemicals Apparatus, Vessels and Gas Cylinders,
  • KT 143 for Electrostatics,
  • KT 173 for Interfaces and Building Electronic Systems,
  • KT 176 for Military Technology and Supplies,
  • KT 180 for Fire Safety of Buildings,
  • PT 1 for Smoke and Heat Control Systems in KT 180 for Fire Safety of Buildings,
  • KT 243 for Symbols and Graphical Signs,
  • KT 264 for Fire Alarm Systems,
  • KT 269 for Chemical Safety,
  • KT 276 for Occupational Safety and Hygiene Management,
  • KT 306 for Societal and Citizen Security,
  • KT 317 for Ventilation and Air Conditioning,

  • KT 323 for Person and Asset Protection Services,
  • KT 336 for Innovation,

  • KT 388 for Artificial Intelligence.

CNBOP-PIB participates in  KT PKN projects through its representatives. In each Technical Committee, one person has been appointed from among the representatives, who is responsible for reporting the Institute's position to the appropriate Technical Committee.

Some of the tasks of CNBOP-PIB as a member of KT:

  • Active participation in projects and KT meetings,
  • Participation in projects of subcommittees (PK) and working groups (GR) set up by the authorities,
  • Issuing opinions on the projects of Polish, European and International Standards,
  • Participation in electronic vote on KT resolutions,
  • Participation in projects performed by European and International Standardisation Committees.
  • Issuing the opinion of the KT member related to the KT projects through the KT member representative.

Additional information on the participation in the activities of the Technical Committees of the Polish Committee for Standardization, tasks and responsibilities of the KT Secretary and representatives is available on PKN website.