Laboratory of Fire Protection Units’ Technical Equipment (BS) is the heir to the Fire Technology Department that used to exist since the foundation of Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection (OBROP). As a result of expanding the scope of activity and creating new facilities the Laboratory performs research and development works related to the broad spectrum of technical equipment for Fire Service and important Technical Fire Protection.

BS Laboratory performs qualification tests for the needs of certification and admittance proceedings as well as tests for voluntary certification and issuing technical opinions. Qualification tests for admittance proceedings are performed mainly with reference to the products intended for use by Fire Service personnel and to products used by these units for rescue and extinguishing activities.

BS Laboratory issues technical opinions and expert analyses at request of courts and other authorities and develops guides and technical requirements for State Fire Service and Volunteer Fire Department. The Laboratory participates in standardisation works performed by the committees of the Polish Committee of Standardisation.


Laboratory of Fire Protection Units’ Technical Equipment (BS) cooperates in developing and issuing opinions on standardisation documents, comparative tests or participation in research and development works and projects with such institutions as:

  • Institute of Aviation,
  • Automotive Industry Institute,
  • Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements,
  • The Construction Equipment Research Institute,
  • Central Institute for Labour Protection,
  • The Institute for Sustainable Technologies,
  • The Institute of Technical Textiles „Moratex”,
  • Institute of Leather Industry,
  • Air Force Institute of Technology,
  • National Headquarters of the State Fire Service,
  • The Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw,
  • The Military Institute of Armour and Automotive Technology in Sulejówek,
  • Space Research Centre in Warsaw,
  • The Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw,
  • Institute of Heat Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology,
  • Institute of Textiles in Łódź,
  • Military Institute of Aviation Medicine,
  • School of Aspirants of State Fire Service in Cracow.