National Technical Assessments may be granted for construction products:

  1. not covered by the scope of the Polish Standards,
  2. if, in relation to one or more essential characteristics of the product, the assessment method provided for in the Polish Standard is not appropriate,
  3. if the Polish Standard relevant to this product does not provide a method of evaluation with respectto one or more essential characteristics of the product.

National technical assessment is issued on the basis of evaluation performance and durability  of a construction product which are confirmed by tests and calculations including results of harmonized tests and calculations, examination of the product, opinion of experts and other document analysis checked for compliance according to the  Polish law and technical knowledge.

National technical assessment is issued for a clearly identified product of a particular manufacturer. If multiple manufacturers make productsof the same design, dimensions, materials, each of them should apply for an individual NTA due to possible differences in technology and production that can impact the final performance of the construction product.

Issuing of a national technical assessment, its change or extension of its validity period takes place at the applicant’s expense. The payment for these activities is determined based on the ratio of hourly rate and the number of work hours spent on performing these activities.

National technical assessment is issued for a period of 5 years. This period can be extended for consecutive periods of no more than 5 years each. National technical assessment is valid from its issue date.

The National Technical Assessment is not a document admitting to trading and use in construction, it is only a technical specification in the process of assessing the performance of a construction product and issuing, based on this assessment, a national certificate of constancy of performance or a national declaration of performance – documents authorizing products to be placed on the market and used in construction.