Certification scheme

List of products for which CNBOP-PIB carries out voluntary conformity assessment with the applicable harmonized standards are in the table below – it is the current scope of CNBOP-PIB accreditation granted by United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior Civil Defence G.H.Q.


Group of products

Harmonised standard

Fire detection and fire alarm systems


Control and indicating equipment

EN 54-2



EN 54-3


Power supply equipment used in fire detection systems

EN 54-4


Fire detectors – heat point detectors

EN 54-5


Fire detectors – smoke point type detectors

EN 54-7

  Point detectors EN 54-10


Manual call points

EN 54-11


Line detectors using an optical beam

EN 54-12


Voice alarm control and indicating equipment

EN 54-16


Short-circuit isolators

EN 54-17


Input/output devices

EN 54-18


Visual Alarm Devices

EN 54-23



EN 54-24


Components using radio links

EN 54-25

Smoke alarm devices

EN 14604

Power supplies

EN 12101-10

Luminaires for emergency lighting

EN 60598-2-22

Conformity assessment process includes:

  1. Selection of samples,
  2. Determination of product characteristics,
  3. Overview (evaluation) of documentation accumulated in the certification process,
  4. Decision to grant certification,
  5. Signing of agreement,
  6. Continuous surveillance by:

Carrying once a year by CNBOP-PIB Certification Department:

  • Inspection of factory production control,

Only in the event of contesting the product, at the request of United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior:

  • Sampling from the market,
  • Evaluation of samples from the market,
  • Testing of samples from the factory,
  • Evaluation of samples from the factory.