10 Apr 2024

Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection – National Research Institute with co-organizers invites
to participate in the second Scientific Conference 
entitled “Fire Safety of Photovoltaic Installations, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles, their Points and Charging Stations, Smart Home Solutions” 
which will be held on 12 June 2024 at the Institute’s headquarters.

The conference is intended by its organizers and partners to be a cyclical venue for the presentation and dissemination of research results, current knowledge, review of expertise and solutions, as well as the exchange of views and experiences of various communities interested in fire safety 
of intensively developing technologies, especially related to photovoltaic installations, renewable energy sources and e-mobility. 

The second conference in the initiated cycle will tackle the issue of broadly understood fire safety of electric batteries, energy storage and new technologies related to fire protection and rescue. 
The conference programme includes presentations by invited speakers, as well as a discussion among conference participants to foster the formulation of conclusions, identify needs and propose measures to reduce the fire risk posed by batteries used in appliances, e-vehicles and renewable energy installations. Also, the event will provide an opportunity to discuss the theme of energy storage in the context of fire protection, as well as, the use of new solutions and technologies in fire protection and rescue.

  • The detailed scope of the Conference includes the following issues: 
  • identification and assessment of hazards caused by electric batteries; 
  • key factors affecting the safety of use and storage of electric batteries; 
  • fire, physical and chemical protection at the battery cell level;
  • battery management systems (e.g. BMS, TMS); 
  • devices, electric vehicles and renewable energy installations equipped with electric batteries as a potential fire hazard; 
  • fire protection requirements for buildings equipped with renewable energy installations with electricity storage, intended for parking and charging electric vehicles; 
  • fire safety of energy storage facilities; new solutions and technologies in fire protection; conducting rescue and fire-fighting operations during incidents involving electric batteries and energy storage facilities. 

The conference is addressed to producers, designers and installers of electric batteries, officers and civilian employees of the State Fire Service, specialists and appraisers in fire protection, managers, users and owners of building facilities, as well as everyone interested in the above-mentioned topics. 

Technological progress and increasingly ambitious climate goals adopted at the European and global level influence the dynamic development of renewable energy sources (RES) and electromobility. Electric vehicles, as well as increasingly renewable energy sources that are significantly dependent on weather conditions, use electrochemical batteries to store energy – the so-called electric batteries. The safe use of electric batteries present in devices, electric vehicles and renewable energy installations requires maintaining their cells within specific voltage and temperature ranges. Loss of control over the increasing cell temperature may lead to the “thermal runaway”, a highly exothermic and self-sustaining process that results in a chain reaction by initiating an increase in temperature in subsequent, often undamaged cells, which ultimately leads to a fire in the battery and the device it powers. A battery fire is characterized by high dynamics of development and intensive release of smoke and fire gas. The topic of the conference is in line with the market need for a broader discussion on identifying needs and improving fire protection conditions of electric batteries, as well as methods of conducting rescue and fire-fighting operations during incidents involving them. 

Speakers are experts representing, i.a., State Fire Service, universities, insurance companies, manufacturers. They are going to raise selected issues in the field of fire safety of electric batteries. 

In October 2023, the first conference in the series was held at the headquarters of CNBOP-PIB (we encourage you to watch the English transmission at: ). 

12/06/2024 at 9.00–17.00 

CNBOP-PIB, ul. Nadwiślańska 213, Józefów, room C 


Ilona Masna, MA; tel. +48 22 76 93 304; e-mail: 
Anna Gołąb, MA; tel. +48 22 76 93 221; e-mail: