BU Laboratory performs portable devices testing that has great significance to the effectiveness of use during fire-fighting operations, defines the scope of applications and usability of modern chemical extinguishing agents used in rescue and fire-fighting operations and performs research of structure and parameters of extinguishing agents and sorbents.

The scope of BU Laboratory includes fixed firefighting systems: water, foam, gas and water mist, internal hydrants (valves and fire hydrant nozzles), external hydrants (underground and pillar) and stand pipes. The Laboratory provides technical expertise services and consultations in the area of correctness of construction and effectiveness of fixed firefighting systems.

BU Laboratory issues opinions and gives expertise on the application of firefighting equipment and agents as well as the components of fixed firefighting systems.

BU Laboratory performs quality assurance of production batches of extinguishing agents supplied to users and verifies the quality and effectiveness of further use of the extinguishing agents, the date of appropriate use of which has expired. The tests concern the extinguishing agents from fire-fighting installations or those used on ships and serving as protection for fuel storages. Tests are performed pursuant to the accredited methods: PB/BC/1, PN-EN 1568-3 and PN-EN 1568-4 (corresponding to IMO MSC1.Circ.1312 rules).  listed in the accreditation scope (hyperlink). BU Laboratory also issues opinions on sprinklers after 10 or 25-year exploitation period in Fixed Fire-Extinguishing Systems.

BU Laboratory performs testing of:

  • Sorbents PN-ISO 2591-1, PN-C-04532 method B,
  • Extinguishing powders PN-EN 615,
  • Extinguishing foams PN-EN ISO 3675, PN-EN 1262, PN-EN 14370, PN-EN 1568-1, PN-EN 1568-2, PN-EN 1568-3, PN-EN 1568-4, PN-EN ISO 12058-1, PN-EN ISO 3219, PN-78/C-83603/07, PN-78/C-83603/09, PN-78/C-83603/05, IMO MSC. 1/Circ. 1312,  PN-EN ISO 2811-1,
  • Paints and lacquers PN-EN ISO 2811-1,
  • Portable extinguishers PN-EN 3-7+A1,
  • Wheeled fire extinguishers PN-EN 1866-1,
  • Fire blankets PN-EN 1869,
  • Products containing elements made of metal – salt spray test PN-EN ISO 9227,
  • Standpipes PN-73/M-51154, PN-M-51154,
  • Underground and pillar fire hydrants PN-EN 14339, PN-EN 14384, PN-EN 1074-1, , PN-EN 1074-2, PN-EN 10 74-6,
  • Internal hydrants PN-EN 671-1, PN-EN 671-2,
  • Hydrant valves PN-EN 671-1, PN-EN 671-2,
  • Sprinklers PN-EN 12259-1+A3,
  • Nozzles (open sprinklers) PN-EN 12259-1+A3,
  • Foam chambers PN-EN 13565-1+A1,
  • High-expansion foam generators PN-EN 13565-1+A1,
  • Foam nozzles and foam generators PN-EN 13565-1+A1,
  • Water-foam monitors PN-EN 13565-1+A1
  • Foam nozzles (open sprinklers) PN-EN 13565-1+A1, PN-EN 12259-1+A3,
  • Foam proportioners PN-EN 13565-1+A1.

BU Laboratory offers:

  • Testing resistance to the influence of the environment

Testing subjects are materials that may get damaged (mechanically or due to the atmospheric impact) like tanks, devices or installation exposed to the aggressive liquids like extinguishing agents or operational fluids. Materials subject to testing are assessed with regard to its appearance after corrosion test and loss of the mass of the sample.