The co-participants of the process of creating economy based on knowledge are both entrepreneurs, scientists and government as the creator of scientific, technological and innovative politics of Poland. The growing globalisation and international competition created a challenge for the Polish economy and science while at the same time giving opportunity to exchange technical solutions and science and research knowledge between the research communities of the world. Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection recognises the need of international cooperation based on the exchange of knowledge, the goal of which is to increase the level of public safety.

Some of the institutions that cooperate with CNBOP-PIB are:

  • Technical University of Ostrava
  • Institute for Fire and Rescue Technology in Dortmund
  • Federal State Establishment The All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection - FGU
  • Scientific and Research Institute of Civil Defence of Ukraine
  • Universitaet Paderborn
  • Universitaet Siegen
  • Tavistock Institute of Human Relations Lbg
  • Federation of European Union Fire Officer Associations
  • European Emergency Number Association Asbl