Letters of inquiry may be sent via e-mail: 

The following information should be included in the letter of inquiry: 

  • Name and address of the Company, 

  • Contact person, 

  • Information about the tested product: name, type, purpose and application of the product, 

  • What characteristics should be verified and with what method, 

  • Purpose of testing, e.g., extension of usage, for own purposes, to obtain CNBOP certificate of admittance, 

  • Language (Polish or English) in which a test report or technical opinion should be issued. If Polish language is chosen 2 copies of the test report/technical opinion in Polish language are prepared. If case of English1 copy of the test report/technical opinion in English and 2 copies in Polish.


After submitting a letter of inquiry specialists of the Laboratory will send you a test offer with the following information included: 

  • Methods used for testing, 

  • Size and amount of samples necessary, 

  • Price, 

  • Expected time of completion, 

  • Duration of an offer. 

Having obtained an offer, to order the testing, the Client should sent a written  acceptance of the offer to the designated professional, e-mail address or via fax on the given number. 


After receiving the test order, a test agreement shall be prepared and sent to the Client. 

  • Two copies of the agreement should be signed and sent back to CNBOP-PIB. One copy of the document signed by CNBOP-PIB Director will be then sent back to the Client. 

  • The agreement shall specify the advance payment (it constitutes 40% of the agreement value), dates of: realisation of the order, sending the necessary documentation and supplying test samples – their specified number, 

  • In case of any problems with supplying samples in given dates, the Client should apply for the annexing of the agreement with relations to the change of the test time.


The tests will be started when the specified number of samples, complete, approved documentation, and signed counterpart of the agreement are delivered to the Laboratory and the advanced payment, stated in the Agreement, is paid.

  • timely execution of tests may be maintained only when the client meets the requirements of Annex 2 to the contract (it specifies the number, type of samples, scope of documentation and delivery date), 

  • if the test results are negative, the Laboratory may stop the tests at the request of the client. After completion of the tests, the Laboratory closes the order for testing and prepares a test report, sends the final invoice for the tests to the Customer,

  • it is possible to terminate the tests at the Client’s request if the first results indicate high possibility of not achieving the demanded product class. The condition that must be achieved in order to prematurely terminate the test is an information about the expectations for the product and about the will of termination of the test in case of bad results. These information should be sent to us in the letter of inquiry.
    In such a case, a fee is charged only for the research carried out so far. The laboratory closes the order for testing, prepares a test report and sends the client the final invoice for the tests. After the payment of the remaining amount due, the Laboratory submits the test report(s) in the manner agreed in the agreementt. One copy of the report may be submitted directly to the CNBOP-PIB Certification Body,

After completion of the testing, the archival sample is secured and then kept for a period of 1 year.


Test results are sent to the Client only after the final invoice, which will be sent to the Client when the testing is complete, is paid.

After the payment, the following documents are sent: 

  • 2 copies of the test report/technical opinion in a manner stated in the agreement 

  • client satisfaction survey